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Smart Mirror Optimized for Hair Shop
Although it seems as a plain square mirror, MIRAVO is a display product applied with IT technologies.

Meet Various Android-Based Features!
MIRAVO continuously develops to provide more functions.

  • Customer Management

    Provide specialized and systematic service by managing customer records.

  • Scalp Diagnosis

    Provide appropriate solution based on real-time scalp and hair condition.

  • Video Watching

    Spend boring hair treatment time with various video contents.

  • Selfie

    Take a photo of hair and enjoy new hair style. It also allows hair treatment record management.

  • Immediate Payment

    Pay immediately on your seat without going to the counter. MIRAVO supports credit card and smart payment.

Various Designs for Installation in Diverse Hair Shop Environments.

  • Wall-Mounted Type MIRAVO

    A type installed on a wall like
    a frame. Complicated wires are finished inside the wall for a neat installation.
    (Size: 72cm x 122cm)

  • Stand-Type MIRAVO

    A type with a lower base for standing independently. It’s easy to install this type without additional work and heels can be added on this type for mobility.
    (Size: 72cm x 190cm)

  • Double-Sided MIRAVO

    A type with mirror on both sides for using both sides. This type is installed on the middle of the hair shop.
    (Size: 72cm x 190cm)

Product Specification

셀프큐브 스펙
Hardware Specification Android PC Specification
Display 31.5 inch Operating System Android 7.1 Nougat OS
Brightness 500(cd/㎡) Storage 16GB
Contrast 3000:1 CPU Octa-core Cortex-A53 up to 2.0Ghz
Resolution 1080 * 1920 DDR3 RAM 2GB, 3GB
Touch Point 10point Video Processing
Support HDR10 and HLG HDR processing
Response Speed 8ms Resolution 4K

*Above specification may change depending on circumstance of ELIVISION.